Pfizer vaccine in India

It is good news for Indians who want the Pfizer vaccine to be available in India because of its efficacy, which is 96%. Within few months, the vaccine will be available in Indian Market.

US drug major Pfizer agreed to offer its Covid-19 Vaccine at a ‘not for profit’ price for the Indian Government’s immunization program. The company said it “continues to be in discussions” with the Government and remains “committed” to making the vaccine available for deployment in the country’s vaccination program.

Getting Vaccine

Recently, the Government decided to fast-track approvals for foreign-produced Covid-19 vaccines authorized by global regulators because of surging cases in India at an alarming rate.

USFDA, UK’s MHRA, and the WHO has the permission to grant an emergency authorization.

The firm is yet to decide about the pricing for India. A company spokesperson said on all our agreements, Pfizer has adopted a distinct pricing structure for high, middle, and low middle-income countries consistent with our commitment to work towards equitable and affordable access for our vaccine for people around the world”.

Friends, so you can get the Pfizer vaccine in India, no need to go to the US to get the vaccine.

Have you vaccinated? Please share with me about any side effects; in addition to this, specify which vaccine you have taken?

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