The new superfood to manage type 2 diabetes

Good information for diabetic sufferers, consist of jackfruit, the brand new superfood on your food plan in case you need to manipulate diabetes. I confer with inexperienced jackfruit flour, which has reduced blood sugar stages and assists human beings to control their diabetes.

A new take a look at has stated that replacing a tablespoon of rice or wheat flour in each day’s food with inexperienced jackfruit flour lowers the plasma glucose stage in sufferers with Type 2 diabetes.

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    One cup of jackfruit flour has 40% fewer carbohydrates and four times higher fiber than wheat or rice flour cup.

    Indians love their carbs and don’t feel complete without a portion of roti or rice. Many people with diabetes struggle to manage their disease.

    I have seen people struggling to control diabetes, but no worries, try to include jackfruit flour in your diet. Green jackfruit flour developed in India is getting recognition from the American Diabetes Association.

    The new superfood to manage type 2 diabetes
    The new superfood to manage diabetes

    We are a nation of over 70 million diabetics. If that number isn’t shocking enough, let me add some global context here. One out of every six diabetics in this world is Indian. Here’s another one: India has the second-largest diabetic population in the world.

    It is not surprising then that we are always looking out for home remedies for diabetes to manage this disease to lead a quality life. Jackfruit365 has emerged as a home-grown winner who is even getting accolades from the American Diabetes Association (ADA).


    There is hardly ever a family in India that does not enjoy the flavors of kathal or jackfruit. Loaded with nutrients A and C, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, copper, protein, and manganese—this fruit is simply too properly to be true.

    The fruit is low in carbs, has a slight quantity of fiber and protein, and is wealthy in shielding antioxidants, making it a marvel meal for human beings with this disease. Now earlier than you pass going for walks for your supermarket, seeking out a packet of jackfruit flour—permit me to inform you, it’ll be a hard find.

    At the moment, there’s the handiest emblem retailing this remarkable product—Jackfruit365. And it is patented! Their inexperienced jackfruit flour has even gone through a scientific trial, and the effects kingdom that includes this flour into the food regimen of diabetics can lessen plasma blood glucose levels. You can examine the whole take a look here.

    Testimonials from some users

    • The study also included testimonials from some participants, one of which said: “For the past two years, I started adding a tablespoon of this to my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In one year, I could discontinue insulin and control my sugar levels with just tablets.”
    • According to another user, her 72 years old father, who had had diabetes for 30 years by taking the jackfruit flour, brought down the sugar levels and managed to reduce his insulin dosage.


    With solid credentials, this green jackfruit flour seems like a miracle remedy. Available with many grocers online and retailing for only Rs 80 for 200 grams, it looks like an easy fix for people with diabetes. Right?

    Well, not really. For one, it’s NOT a substitute for any medication that you might be taking to control your blood sugar. And while research does show that it effectively helps manage diabetes, the truth is that you should consult your medical practitioner before using it as a substitute for atta, rice, or anything else in your diet.

    Yes, as their website suggests, you can make several dishes with this flour or eat a teaspoon of it thrice a day. And yes, it might just help you get your blood sugar levels in check and reduce your dependence on artificial insulin and other medications. But whatever you choose to do, talk to your diabetologist or dietician before taking this step.

    As a vegetable

    You can also use the jackfruit as a vegetable which tastes delicious. Use only the only green vegetable, not the ripe one.

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    Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit Flour – 400g

    The Bottomline

    It’s worth giving a trial to jackfruit365 if you want to manage your diabetes.

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