Sweeping and mopping can be more fun

I have never enjoyed sweeping and mopping so much before, but lockdown due to a pandemic made me search for an alternative for cleaning my house because domestic help has stopped coming.

In India, labor is cheap, so we prefer hiring domestic help to lead a lavish lifestyle. Due to corona and lockdown, we started thinking about doing all household chores ourselves to avoid infection. In western countries, people are doing everything independently; hence I can also do it.

The market for a robotic cleaner is growing in India. It is also available online, and it is better to buy online because of the pandemic. I’m staying in Hyderabad, and I have to wait for three months to get my dishwasher, and robotic cleaner delivered. Sudden lockdown in India has created the unavailability of gadgets.

Deebot T8

Acceptance of new technology is pretty high in India, but the challenge is to change the traditional way of cleaning. In India, people are used to cleaning their floors every day. They like to do both dry sweeping and wet mopping.

My life has become easier because of Deebot T8. Cleaning my house has become fun for me now. Do you also want to enjoy hassle-free cleaning? Then order now because God knows when this world will become corona-free.

Deebot T8 is a wireless device with a built-in camera and sensors that help it map and navigate your home, clean clutter and under furniture on a single charge for up to two hours, after which it goes back to its docking station for charging.

It is effortless to operate the cleaning Robot. All the instructions are there in the machine, so no worries, you can order the device that will make your life tension-free.

After a few trials run, navigating the space becomes a seamless process. Initially, you feel that you own a pet. It is fascinating to watch it at work. But now I schedule it to do the cleaning when no one is at home. If there’s a problem, I get a notification on the APP.

Now, I don’t feel like hiring a maid and waiting for domestic help. The cleaning by Deebot is so perfect that you don’t need to clean your house daily, albeit you can use it on every alternate day.

It’s a joy to watch her device do its job and go back to its docking station “like a well-trained dog.”

In Hyderabad, domestic help demands a very high salary for doing household work, so you can opt for gadgets to save money. Now, again, the choice is yours.

There are many robotic cleaners available in the market today, both online and offline. You can choose anyone according to your needs.

I hope you will like the information shared by me. How are you people managing daily household chores? Please share here. Give feedback to my blog, and if you like it, don’t forget to share.

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