One solution for all diseases of houseplants

I’m a plant lover, and whenever I cross any plant nursery, I can’t control myself from buying a plant. Do you also do the same thing? If yes, then you, too, are a plant lover? In this blog, I will share only one pesticide that will protect your plant from all diseases.

One solution for all kind of diseases of houseplants

Have you noticed that these plants are often not as lustrous as they are in the nursery? I will tell you the reason why? Because nursery persons never share their secrets with us. I did lots of search on this. Here I’m going to share the secret of protecting your plants from various diseases and making them healthier.

If you neglect them and do not inspect them, pests and diseases can completely wipe out your houseplants. Pests and diseases can affect not only the flower and leaves but also the stems and roots. It’s much easier to prevent these things than to eliminate them after they happen.

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    How to Avoid Pests and Diseases Of Houseplants

    Buy only clean and healthy plants. It reduces the risk of pests and diseases infecting not only your new plants but your existing ones. If you’re not sure a particular plant is healthy, isolate it for a few weeks, taking care of it, and waiting to see if its health seems to improve. It is better than introducing it to a room where other plants and chancing that they all become infected.

    When you water your plants, make it a habit to pinch off dead flowers and thoroughly inspect the plants to see that they’re clean and healthy. If you notice any problems, treat them immediately before the problem infects the whole house. Make sure you only use clean potting compost and never take any cuttings off plants that are questionable in health.

    Common Problems That Can Lead to Pests And Disease

    • Plants with variegated leaves will become green if the plant isn’t in good light. The flowers on flowering plants become dry and fall off quickly if the compost is too dried out or doesn’t have enough light.
    • Healthy leaves will curl at the edges and fall off the plant if it’s in a draft. Lower leaves on the plant will become crispy if the compost is too dry or the temperature in the room is too hot.
    • If you see a white powdery coating on your clay pots, it usually indicates that the plant was fed too much or that your water contains a lot of chalk.
    • Leaves develop holes in the center or along the edge because people or pets brush by them when they go by.
    • Flower buds will fall off before blooming if the compost or air is too dry or the plant doesn’t have enough light.
    • Leaves will wilt if the compost is too dry or if the compost is overwatered. They may also temporarily fade on a hot day.
    • If the compost is too wet, the leaves will wilt and decay quickly.
    • Brown spots and blemishes will occur on the leaves of the plant for a lot of reasons. These could burn marks from direct sunlight on water drops or diseases like leaf spots.
    • he green slime on your clay pots happens if the compost has been overwatered. This slime might show up on the surface of the compost as well.

    10 Secret Ingredients to Make Your Garden Grow

    1. Wood Ash

    Wood ash has a high alkaline content, which makes it great for neutralizing acidic soil. 

    2. Bananas

    Chop up banana peels, then bury them in the soil when you plant tomatoes, rosebushes, or green pepper plants. The potash and phosphorous content in the peels will enrich the soil and strengthen your plants.

    3. Compost Tea

    A strong dose of compost tea can do wonders to improve the vibrancy of your plants.

    4. Club Soda

    Carbonated water contains macronutrients, including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, and sodium, all of which are beneficial for your greenery.

    5. Aquarium Water

    When it’s time to change the water in your fish tank, consider pouring the old water out on your plants. The waste and bacteria in aquarium water may be harmful to fishes, but they are beneficial to plants.

    6. Coffee Grounds

    Old coffee is effective as a plant booster, thanks to its calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus content. Because coffee grounds acidify the soil, acid-loving plants like rose bushes, evergreens, and azaleas benefit most from treatment.


    Because of the rich calcium content, eggshells should be crushed and use in plants. Start seedlings in eggshells that have been carefully halved and rinsed. When the seedlings are big enough to be transplanted, plant them right in the ground, shell and all; the body will biodegrade over time.

    8. Tea Leaves

    Used tea leaves contain the three nutrients you need for a good fertilizer: nitrogen, potash, and calcium. Sprinkle them at the base of your plant.

    9. Discarded lemon peel

    We often throw used lemon in the trash, but now onwards, put the peels of lemon in a container filled with water. After 24 hours, pour this water into the flowering plants in your garden. You will be amazed to see the results within a week.

    10. Buttermilk

    Buttermilk is the best nutrients for curry leaves. There is no need to add fresh buttermilk. Instead, use the discarded buttermilk, which is the byproduct after making clarified butter at home. I will share the process.

    Process of making clarified butter

    After boiling milk, store this in the refrigerator and remove the cream the next day to get a greater yield of the cream. Put this in the mixer with and little water to separate butter from cream. Collect cream and heat this butter in a wok to get pure ghee. The leftover liquid is best for curry leaves.

    One solution for all diseases of houseplants

    Nanopot smart plant protector

    It is best pesticide for all diseases of your plants. I’m sharing the link from where you can buy and protect your plants from various diseases.

    The Bottomline

    If you feed your plants properly and spray pesticides when required, your plants thrive well in your home like the plant nursery.

    Don’t forget to share this blog. If you have queries, please feel free to ask me in the comments section, or if you have any ideas that I have missed, please share; I will incorporate them in my blog.

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