My new abode

I’m a full time homemaker. I have dedicated my 24/7 to my husband and children. They are nucleus for me. My whole day schedule includes taking good care of them right from their studies giving them healthy food and motivate them to exercise daily. Normally every ladies do the same things for her family. I also love decorating my house.

Life takes you to unexpected places

I have never expected that I will move to Hyderabad. My husband got job in Hyderabad so we moved to Hyderabad. I belong to Delhi so initially I was not happy with the relocation but gradually I stated liking Hyderabad. For 1 year We stayed in rented house then we decided to purchase our own house.

Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling

I have put all my feelings in designing interior of my house. I worked hard to put all my feelings in executable format. I hired an interior decorator who can help me to make my dream home reality. Due to Covid my husband was working from home so he also supported me when I was struggling with the ideas of interior. I’m sharing few pics

Entrance of my home sweet home

Wardrobes upto ceiling height from Raumplus
Vertical garden in my balcony
Breakfast counter
Long wall complementing family pics
My daughter’s room
Wooden rafter in drawing room
Drawing room video

I have turned the pandemic situation to opportunity by designing my house. If I can do interior of my house anyone can do interior of her house.

Please give feedback about my interior ideas. You can mail me at if you need any help regarding interiors, parenting, weight loss, maintaining health without medicine.

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  1. It’s really very beautiful house ma’am. Amazing interior by you. Congratulations! 👍👍👍

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