How to lose weight without exercise

Many people are attempting to lose weight; some will succeed, and others will fail; however, the biggest battle for people who can reduce their weight is to keep to their ideal weight. Many people will find that they had soon returned to their weight before they went on their diet or even fatter. It can, of course, be very depressive and can result in them losing a lot of their self-esteem. What is needed is a permanent solution to their weight problems.

In this blog, I’m going to share a few tips to lose weight without doing any exercise. These tips are helpful for any age group; even 70 plus years people can also follow.

There are some obvious routes to take in the battle to lose weight. They would include increasing the amount in which we exercise and reducing the amount we eat. But, unfortunately, this eating issue can be the hardest to control and mitigate as our temptations often get the better of us.

In my opinion, what we need to do is to make our house a fat-free zone. If we become hungry and start looking through the cupboards and notice, for example, a packet of crisps, it can often be tough not to eat them. Our desire for instant food can become too great, and our inner demons try and convince us that one packet will not hurt. If that packet of crisps had not been in the cupboard, we would not have been put into that position of temptation and would, of course, not have been able to eat them.

When I lost my excess weight, I decided to remove all of the foods from all of the cupboards, which I was aware that I needed to stop eating. I also removed certain drinks, such as alcoholic drinks, which were also something that contributed to my weight problems. I put all of the takeaway menus into the dustbin and attempted to make it as hard as possible to eat or drink anything that I shouldn’t have been.

When you go out, don’t get into shops to buy any food items. It was not easy to do as I am somebody who loves all of these fatty type foods.

In my weekly food shop, I bought far more fruit and vegetables and was surprised at how quickly my taste buds started to change. I soon looked forward to eating an apple as an example, and the weight slowly but surely started to reduce.

How to lose weight without exercise

Try to use stairs instead of lifts, also avoid using a four-wheeler for small distances. Try to walk down to buy things. Avoid using a remote in your house for switching lights and fans or T.V.

After several months, I reduced my weight up to five kilograms. Then, my husband stated that I could start eating dry roasted peanuts; this was a particular favorite of mine. It was possibly true but could easily result in a return to my old bad habits and weight problems. So I decided to stick with the fruit, and my cupboards are still free of those foods that I love to eat but are not suitable for my weight.

Now, your grandparents and parents can also lose weight effectively without doing any exercise and dieting. If you like this blog, don’t forget to share, like, and follow. Please feel free to comment in the comments section if you have any queries. Your comments motivate me. Give your feedback. Have you ever tried to lose weight? If yes, then write to me about what methods you opted for.

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  1. As you said it is great & indeed utmost important to leave or forget the temptation of eating crisps & taking drinks, which actually doesn’t do any good to health rather put fats on you. To summarize the topic, it is indeed important to decide & follow religiously what to eat & what not to!!
    The whole write-up of you is indeed an eyeopener for those who don’t follow self restrictions about their fooding habits.
    Thanks for your guidelines. 🙏👍

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