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Are you tired of looking for healthy takeaway options? We know ‘healthy’ and ‘takeaway.’ sound like two words that don’t necessarily fit together. You can’t compare home-cooked food with something that you order, but we can certainly order food that can be less calorie-rich and nutritious with little effort.

I’m writing this blog for my son, who will be shifting to Bangalore next month, and all young children who stay away from their parents and find it challenging to cook every time.

We have to be aware of the calories needed for adult men and women, 2000 for men and 1500 for women, and pregnant women need more calories. When we order online, we can easily forget these numbers and order food that has excess calories.

Youngsters, you have to keep few food items in your house like eggs, bread, butter, muesli, cornflakes, oats, milk, yogurt, and few fruits because whenever you feel hungry, it is very easy to have them. We should try to avoid ordering food when we are starving as that subconsciously makes us order more food.

Best takeaway options :

From McDonald’s

  • Grilled Chicken Salad with 133 calories and 3.7g fat
  • Fish Cake: 186 calories, 9.3g fat
  • Mushy Peas: 98 calories

The rest of the items have a lot of calories, so again, you should avoid it for a healthy lifestyle.

From KFC

  • Chicken Drumstick: 170 calories 9.7 g fat
  • Regular Coleslaw: 145 calories 12.3 g fat
  • Regular BBQ beans: 105 calories 0.7g fat

Domino’s Pizza

Generally, with pizzas, the fewer toppings, and thinner the crust, the healthier you can make it.

Chinese Cuisine :

  • Look for dishes that have lean protein, like seafood and tofu.
  • Choose stir-fries packed with plenty of colorful veggies
  • Go for steamed rice instead of fried rice.
  • Go for anything steamed as fish with veggies.
  • Steamed dumplings.
  • Avoid anything deep-fried.
Steamed Dumplings

Thai Cuisine :

  • Order dishes that have herbs such as lemongrass, basil, and chili.
  • Choose steamed and grilled proteins where possible.
  • A healthy option is Larb Gai(chicken mince and salad).
  • A Tom Yum (hot and sour) soup is another healthy takeaway option.

Avoid fried delicacies especially spring rolls and money bags if you’re looking to shed few kilos.

Larb Gai

Italian Cuisine :

  • Choose thin-crust pizzas loaded with veggie toppings.
  • Add a side salad to bulk up your meal.
  • Stay away from creamy sauces; choose tomato-based pasta sauce instead.
Thin Crust Pizza

Japanese Cuisine : The Best Takeaway Options

With plenty of fresh fish, raw ingredients, and low saturated fat choices, Japanese is one of the healthiest takeaway options available. You can start your meal with some edamame.

  • Sashimi
  • Any teppanyaki grilled meats.
  • Steamed Japanese veggies.

Indian Cuisines: Ordering healthy

  • Go for oven-baked or grilled proteins(like tandoori).
  • Choose tomato or yogurt-based dishes like Rogan Josh.
  • Rice is ok in moderation, but not more than 1/4 cup.
  • Cucumber raita is a great healthy side dish.
Rogan Josh

Vietnamese Cuisine :

There’s nothing like a warming bowl of pho with a side of fresh rice paper rolls with plenty of fresh veggies, herbs, and spices. Papaya salad with a side of summer rolls is also healthy. Vietnamese takeaway can provide an excellent balanced and satisfying meal.


Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Food :

It can help avoid piling on the pounds. Middle Eastern takeaways are often high in lentils, pulses, and vegetables.

Mexican Cuisine :

Fajitas, burritos, or burrito ‘bowls’ filled with lean meats, poultry, fish, or beans plus pepper and onions, tomato salsa, guacamole(in moderation), grilled chicken or fish, salads are the healthier options.

I did a lot of searching to find out healthy takeaway options for my son, and now I would like to share his meal plan for anyone to follow and improve their eating habits.

Balanced Meal Plan


  • One bowl papaya
  • One poached egg
  • Two slices of whole-grain toast with butter or paranthas
  • One cup low-fat milk or yogurt


  • One banana


  • One plate roasted or baked chicken or daal and rice
  • Large plate garden salad with tomatoes and onions


  • One piece of pita bread with two tablespoons of hummus


  • For dinner, any one of the takeaway options.

You should prefer home-cooked over takeaway food because it is hygienic, healthy, and good for your heart. It would be best to lead an active lifestyle to avoid unhealthy conditions in the future. With this blog, I feel relaxed because my son will follow the plan mentioned earlier and maintain his health.

I hope you will like my blog. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to it. If you have any other idea of healthy takeaway, please mention it in the comments section.

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