Easy tips and tricks to crack JEE-Advanced in first attempt

JEE-Advanced is one of the most maximum prestigious and hard assessments in India. Getting into IIT is a dream come actual for any engineering aspirant.

They are self sustaining public institutes of better research for engineering in India. There are twenty-3 institutes positioned in diverse states of our country. The admissions to those institutes are thru a not unusual place admission test, I.e.,JEE-Advaced.

I will be sharing the exclusive’s tips and tricks to crack JEE-Advanced in the first attempt which my son followed and crack the entrance in first attempt.

  • Concept building Ideally, you should start preparing from the ninth standard only because you can learn the basic concept at this stage. My son has begun solving the physics numerical of her sister, who is studying in the eleventh standard.
  • The students with an aptitude for physics and mathematics problem-solving techniques quickly go through the exams. My son solves the math’s problems of her sister, who is two years older than him. He continues this practice up to the twelfth standard, which helps him in mastering the concepts quickly.
  • If you are currently studying in eleventh standard then you have ample of time to get your concepts clear, for that try to solve minimum 100 questions from each topic and you will notice the difference.
  • Perseverance No doubt IIT entrance is the most challenging exam, so you must work hard and remain focused. Do not get disheartened if you underperformed in some of the tests. A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.
  • Practice and practice Purchase an online test series of at least five coaching institutes to practice, with which you can quickly analyse your mistakes and can have a rough idea about where you stand and be prepared about the pattern of the exams.
  • Balanced Study Pattern Give equal importance to all subjects to score a good rank.
  • Calculation Pace Speed up your calculations due to the fact it may take a large part of your time in JEE. I actually have advanced the calculation pace in my youngsters via way of means of asking mathematical questions on every occasion we move for an extended force on the grounds that they may be very young. It has helped my son in improving his pace in fixing numerical.
My Son Shrey Pandey
  • Retention and Revision Revision is significant because you have to study 20-30 chapters in three subjects for at least two years. To check about your concepts, keep giving tests. Inorganic and organic chemistry require more revisions than physics and math’s.
  • Mindful Study Mindful study is an important reason to excel in this entrance. Keep your focus in the class and also during studying. Don’t lose your concentration at any cost.
  • Smartphone A big no to a smartphone because it will distract you from your path of success. My son never uses any mobile phone, albeit he uses my phone to call his friends. In this way, I have a check on him.
  • Recall Always recall what you studied the whole day before sleeping; believe me, this habit will immensely benefit you in getting solutions to the problem you got stuck.
  • Study Time Study for at least ten hours regularly, but you can increase or decrease the timings according to one’s requirement.
  • A peer group that matches your goals is the best company you could keep during your JEE-Advanced preparation. Choose your friends wisely such that they are your strengths and help you be competitive and up to date as well as motivated.
  • Due to pandemic you can prepare for the entrance more intensely because you have to stay at home so no scope of distractions.
  • Allen and IITians pace is good coaching institute who are giving online coaching to the aspirants. You can enrol there.
  • If you can’t afford coaching institutes fees, no worries you can read from the text-books and solve questions as much as you can. If your concepts are clear than no one can stop you from succeeding.
  • Break Time My son used to play football in the living room whenever he felt burn out. You can opt yoga, breathing exercises to get stress free.
  • Don’t neglect board exam Please don’t neglect your board exams due to your entrance because Board’s is also important. My son scored 96.2% in class 12th Board and 610 rank in JEE-Advanced.
My son Shrey Pandey’s achievements
  • Practice application-based questions and conceptual questions, from mixed topics and you should know that JEE-Advanced questions never gets repeated. Every year they have a new sets of questions.
  • Read success stories of toppers to get yourself motivated.
  • Self-discipline is vital for getting success. Remember only two years of hard work can get you in to a premium institute of India.
  • Your motto has to be Yes I can do it.

I hope you will like my blog and if you follow these tips you will definitely win. Don’t forget to like, share, or subscribe my blog. If you want to ask any doubt. or want to give any suggestion, you can ask me in the comments section.

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