Echoes:This Hyderabad Restaurant is Unique

I’m feeling privileged to stay in Hyderabad near this unique Restaurant. I would like to share about this particular Restaurant with everyone.

Sahib Sarna, a co-founder, and director of Echoes created a casual diner/bistro brand to generate special needs employment. They wanted to bring them to the forefront in society. Hand of applause for the restaurant founders for thinking differently for people with some challenges. He has given a job to differently-abled persons. Staffers run echoes Restaurant with hearing and speech impairment.

The name says Ëchoes”, emphasizing echoing the concerns of the hearing and speech impaired section of the community and their employability. From front-service to the kitchen to cleaning, every aspect of the Restaurant’s functioning is taken by these staffers.

“The place is termed ‘Living Room”along with the word Échoes’ as we also want to create a space where there is no judgment and everyone is validated.” shares Sahib.

Located in Kavuri Hills, Madhapur Hyderabad, the Restaurant serves various Indian and western dishes and shakes, and desserts in a cozy environment.

Echoes has won several awards for their initiative like ‘Best Debut Restaurant Award’, ‘The Telegraph Award’, ‘Desertian Award’ and the list goes on.

The cafe serves a mix of Continental, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and American cuisine.

Friends, you should give it a try and visit this Restaurant.

I hope you will like this blog and don’t forgot to share it. I already had dinner in this Restaurant. Food is delicious here.

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