Easy tips and tricks to crack JEE-Advanced in first attempt

JEE-Advanced is one of the most prestigious and challenging exams in India. Getting into IIT is a dream come true for any engineering aspirant. They are autonomous public institutes of higher studies for engineering in India. There are twenty-three institutes located in various states of the country. The admissions to these institutes are through aContinue reading “Easy tips and tricks to crack JEE-Advanced in first attempt”

Read this before buying a dishwasher

Are you planning to buy a dishwasher? Don’t wait, hurry up, order now. Due to the pandemic, we are not getting any domestic help, and it is not advisable to call maids because it is risky for them and us. Lockdown has taught us to be independent by doing daily household chores ourselves. Cleaning kitchenContinue reading “Read this before buying a dishwasher”

Echoes:This Hyderabad Restaurant is Unique

I’m feeling privileged to stay in Hyderabad near this unique Restaurant. I would like to share about this particular Restaurant with everyone. Sahib Sarna, a co-founder, and director of Echoes created a casual diner/bistro brand to generate special needs employment. They wanted to bring them to the forefront in society. Hand of applause for theContinue reading “Echoes:This Hyderabad Restaurant is Unique”

My new abode

I’m a full time homemaker. I have dedicated my 24/7 to my husband and children. They are nucleus for me. My whole day schedule includes taking good care of them right from their studies giving them healthy food and motivate them to exercise daily. Normally every ladies do the same things for her family. IContinue reading “My new abode”

Tips to crack IIT JEE

Focused hard work is real key to success. John Carmack Recognize your child’s potential Every parent dreams that their child should crack IIT, but please don’t try to force your child into fulfilling your dreams that they do not want. If your child has a keen interest in maths, then it can be a cakewalkContinue reading “Tips to crack IIT JEE”

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