Cracking IIT JEE can be a cakewalk for your child

Focused hard work is real key to success. John Carmack Recognize your child’s potential Every parent dreams that their child should crack IIT, but please don’t try to force your child into fulfilling your dreams that they do not want. If your child has keen interest in maths then it can be cakewalk for yourContinue reading “Cracking IIT JEE can be a cakewalk for your child”

The new cure for high blood pressure

Blood pressure is like trust. It’s silent, vital to good health and if abused, it can be deadly. Frank K Sonnenberg High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer. It is a major condition that can lead to heart problems and stroke. Ideally, Blood Pressure should be lower than 120/80. Reasons responsible for High BloodContinue reading “The new cure for high blood pressure”

How you can look young forever

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental pattern that causes anxiety. Baxter Bell Today people are spending their hard-earned money on purchasing creams and serums to enhance their facial beauty. These companies promise to give you wrinkle-free skin, fairer skin etc. Readers, don’t ever believe them. A large number of Beauty parlours areContinue reading “How you can look young forever”