Can steam inhalation save you from Covid-19 virus?

The hot water you drink is suitable for your throat, but the Covid-19 virus is present behind the paranasal sinus of your nose for three to four days. The hot water we drink doesn’t reach there. After four to five days, this virus present behind the paranasal sinus reaches your lungs, which triggers breathing issues. That’s why it is essential to take steam, which runs at the back of your Paranasal sinus.

If you want to stay safe and kill the Coronavirus, which could be hiding inside your nose, you should start taking steam to reach your nose and kill the virus.

Few Doctors are claiming that by taking steam virus gets inactive. Nobody knows the exact nature of the Covid-19 virus. Under these circumstances, you can take steam whenever you go out. Better safe than sorry. Under these circumstances, you can take steam whenever you go out. Better to be safe than sorry.


According to Doctors, by inhaling steam Covid-19 virus can be killed. We all should try to start a steam drive campaign for a week to feel the difference.

Start the process for a week from morning and evening to inhale the steam for 5 minutes each time. This practice has no side effects and doesn’t cost anything either.

I want to share my story with readers. Öne month ago, I went to a kitty party in my community. We were 15 people there and had gala time for almost 5 hours. After three days, I realized that three of them had covid-19, which scared me greatly. Surprisingly, I am safe and virus is not able to infect me.

I’m practicing yoga, as well as meditation, along with breathing exercises, and steaming, and thus trying to save me from getting infection since last year.

Still, if any got infected can follow the above instructions to alleviate the symptoms of Coronavirus along with medications.

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