How you can look young forever

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short circuiting the mental pattern that causes anxiety.

Baxter Bell

Today people are spending their hard-earned money on purchasing creams and serums to enhance their facial beauty. These companies promise to give you wrinkle-free skin, fairer skin etc. Readers, don’t ever believe them. A large number of Beauty parlours are sprouting up. They make false promises of making you glow in 1 hour. Please don’t listen to them. People of the high-income group are going for Botox and cosmetic surgery to look younger, these have severe side effects. Ageing gracefully can be dreaded statement in this world of innumerable ageing creams and serums loaded with chemicals.

Glowing skin by yoga

Our face works hard

It helps us see, breath, chew, speak, laugh, cry, grin, smile, frown, etc. It gets hit by the sun, rain, wind, snow, scratches. Face is the mirror of the whole body. Whatever is going inside our body and mind gets reflected on the face. The face absorbs and stores a lot of tension. To help relieve facial tension we need exercise. We need to be fit and healthy for the face to glow. By applying makeup or beauty creams, we can beautify our face for a short time. Try to keep yourself away from all artificial things and go the natural way.

Breathing exercises and yoga are the best way to make your skin glow with zero monetary investment. With yoga, you can get rid of fine lines and fat from your face that too chemical-free.

Mother of two younge children

Yoga means addition- addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.

Amit Ray

Benefits of yoga on skin and whole body

  • Yoga is a holistic approach to health and well being.

Yoga helps in keeping muscles of the face tighter, rejuvenated, fresher, looking younger, lesser sag, just as yoga does to the muscles all over the body, by giving oxygen to the facial muscles.

  • Helps slow down the aging process

As we grow older, we witness fine lines and wrinkles forming with time and this makes us look aged. With yoga, we can get rid of these fine lines eventually and get tighter and toned skin.

  • Helps release tension

Yoga helps us be calm. Inhale the future exhale the past. Our sedentary lifestyles have led us to sit at one place for more than 8 hours leading excessive tension on spinal cord, neck and core muscles. Yoga helps release tension in these areas and help us relax.

  • Helps eliminate double chin

If you hate looking at the mirror with a dreaded double chin, yoga might be just the perfect deal. Neck exercises can help us deal with the stubborn fat on the chin.

Yoga can get you naturally glowing skin and toned facial muscles. You don’t need any anti-ageing surgeries and other chemical interventions. Sweat today, smile tomorrow. I follow this. I rarely go to a beauty parlour and have faith in yoga. The secret of my beauty and youth is only yoga.

When I used to go for my Yoga class, people had the impression that I was recently married and didn’t have any children. Being regular with Yoga has kept all my signs of ageing at bay.

Yoga poses for glowing skin

Bow pose (Dhanurasana)

Shoulder stand (sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand

Sun Salutation ( surya namaskar)

Ushtrasana (camel pose)

Camel pose

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How I controlled my thyroid level without medication

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is a disease.

V L Allinear

Note: This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This post doesn’t advice stopping your medications, it just advises lifestyle changes.

Weight gain in thyroid

In this post I would like to discuss the reasons which triggered my thyroid and how I controlled the level of thyroid(hypothyroidism) to normal without medication.

2% of world wide population is suffering from thyroid, of which female percentage is more. So friends if I can control my thyroid level you can also. So read carefully my full post.

Good thyroid health

Four- five years back my family doctor advised me to undergo routine blood test because I had started putting on weight. When report came my TSH level was high. Doctor advised me to start medication. I know that you have to take thyroid medicine for life if diagnosed with thyroid disease. So I requested Dr to give me only a month’s time. In this one month I will try my level best to reduce my TSH level. Initially Dr was skeptical as patients usually don’t follow through with lifestyle changes in long term. However, he agreed to give it a shot.


Steps taken by me to control thyroid level:

Managing Stress I’m in habit of taking stress on minor things and most people are like me only. So readers I stopped overthinking and started utilising my time in any activity which I enjoy. I started after walking post-dinner, watching movies, talking to my school friends which relaxed me. You can also choose the activities you like most to relieve stress.

Eating healthy food I changed my diet and started eating healthy food as food provides body with the energy it needs to function well. Since common symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain to I started following a diet that’s low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This made me feel better and helped me a check on my weight. Friends, a diet rich in oil and salt might feel tastier, but you’ll realise that if you reduce their amount while cooking, it will help you lose weight. Now I find food rich in oil and salt nauseating! Younger ones, try to cut down the junk food and you will instantly feel better. Your skin will clear up and your mood will improve as well.

Proper sleep I started taking proper 7 to 8 hours sleeping. Stopped watching late night television. I started following a strict sleep schedule.

Socialise yourself Whenever I feel low I used to meet positive people of my life. Spending time with people you love or people who love you is important. This can lift your mood.

Make exercise a priority It is said that one should exercise for at least 30 minutes each day with the intensity which leaves you breathless and your heart beat accelerating. I started working out on a regular basis to get rid of excess fat that had accumulated due to my lax attitude. Sweating is very important as it releases impurities from body. Excercise also releases natural hormones called Endorphins that lift up mood. Aerobic exercise can also strengthen our heart and lungs. Yoga is best to control thyroid. I do yoga for 1 hour five day a week. Brisk walking for one hour 4 days in a week. I avoid vehicle for short distance instead prefer walking. Whenever my domestic help was unavailable I used to do my daily chores by myself. So guys try to be more active.

Due to competition in studies younger generation is hit badly by thyroid which is matter of concern. You should immediately join any yoga class. By doing yoga you immediately get de stressed . I would recommend Bharat Thakur power yoga classes if you are in Delhi, Bangalore and cult fit in Hyderabad. You can check out its branches in other cities of India. What are you waiting for? Join any yoga class today.

Few yoga poses which reverse hypothyroidism are

  • Inverted pose
Inverted pose or sarvang asana
  • Bridge pose
Bridge pose or Setu band asana
  • Fish pose
Fish pose
  • Plough pose
Plough pose or halasana
  • Bow pose
Bow pose or dhanurasana
  • Cobra pose
Cobra pose or bhujangasana

If you regularly practice these yoga poses for one month you can reverse your hypothyroidism. I got the normal reading of thyroid for practising these poses for 1 hr daily.

These tips will also help for those who are currently on medication. Regular following of these tips will result in better control of their diagnosis and will result in reduction of their current medication.


I still follow each of these tips and my levels are under control. It is important to remember that these tips are to be followed always. You shouldn’t stop or become lazy after initial results. Also give blood test periodically to check the level of thyroid.

Disciplined and focused approach lifestyle changes can help you control and even revert your hormone levels to pre-disease levels. So what are you waiting for? Kickstart you day.

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Tips to Crack AIIMS/NEET UG

A dream doesn’t become reality, through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Colin Powell

Moving to Delhi

After the 10th Board Exams, I decided to move to Delhi with the kids in tow for better future prospects and exposure to highest of competition. It was a tough decision to take. Staying with two teenagers without the monitoring and guidance of their father was a big decision. We were staying in a rural area and it was not possible for my husband to come along with us as it could be disastrous for his career. Hence, we decided to take a calculated risk for shaping up their careers. In this post, I will talk about my daughter’s journey towards clearing medical entrances.

Group photograph DPS R K Puram

Searching of Good School and Coaching Institute in Delhi

I came to Delhi with bright dreams to provide the best possible opportunities and to get an idea of the steep competition to be faced. I had heard a lot about DPS R K Puram and Aakash Institute and dreamt for these elite institutions. I started searching for good schools and coaching institutes on Internet and got to know that DPS RK Puram accepts admission only after 10th Board Result, which would come out later in May. To avail this opportunity, we would have to wait till the results. We didn’t want to waste this time and decided to keep searching form possible opportunities and found one in Amity International, as I had heard that they are accepting admissions on the basis of pre board results. This school also provided coaching along with regular class so we decided to get admitted there. She attended this school for almost a month which proved to be a total a waste of our time and money. After a month, board results were announced and my daughter topped with perfect 10 CGPA. This was the first time that the CGPA system was implemented and even a school as big as DPS RK Puram had only 25 students with a perfect CGPA among over 600 students. A perfect CGPA was a very big deal back then. We applied to DPS RK Puram along with Sanskriti and Mother’s International school as second and third choice. She was selected everywhere and we went with DPS RK Puram. For her medical coaching, she preferred Aakash Institute. She appeared for admission test for that and she got 60% fees waiver.

With besties

Highly Disciplined Life in Delhi

You have to lead a highly disciplined life if your child is preparing for an entrance. We stopped watching TV. Luckily, smart phones weren’t as commonplace then and we did not have to deal with the smartphone addiction. The most important thing to be able to accomplish this is for the children to know that this is going to help them a lot down the line. I used to take an interest in her studies. I used to check her daily progress. Occasionally, during her lunch or dinner break, I would ask her MCQs. My daughter used to do few yoga asanas followed by pranayama to help her focus better.

Parent’s health is almost as important as that of the child. I used to go for a morning walk after my children left for school and evening walk when my children were in coaching. Taking care of my children was my responsibility. I also joined yoga classes in JNU which used to take place when the children were in school.

Success stories of students

I used to read success stories of children who has cracked the medical entrances. This helped my daughter in making strategies. You don’t have to follow blindly but you can very well plan your strategies accordingly. Me and my husband never cracked any entrances but my children did. This is because of the hard work of whole family. My husband used to stay alone. Not taking proper care of himself in terms of food. He was basically surviving for better future of his children. He comes to Delhi once in a month.

With classmates

Strategies followed by my daughter

  • Focused hard work is the key to success.
  • She made a time table and studied accordingly. She divided her day into 4 parts in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.
  • NCERT is the bible of medical entrances, especially NEET. It’s the reference book used by all examiners. Don’t ever follow any guide books as it is full of errors. You have to read every word and even read between the lines of NCERT books. My daughter did multiple reading of these books and solved the questions given at the end of the chapter.
  • Clear your doubts as soon as you can. Coaching class materials and NCERT is enough for preparation.
  • For AIIMS, you have to practice assertion reasoning and stay up to date for the GK. My daughter used to read newspaper daily so she didn’t require any special preparation for GK. H C Verma is also recommended for practising physics numericals.
  • Concept is king for the exam. When solving any question, ask yourself if you’re just blindly marking something or if you understand the concept thoroughly. Don’t mug up every formula you come across. Learn only the basic formulae. You’ll likely confuse every complicated formula (like collision formulas) in exam. As long as your concept is clear, it wouldn’t matter.
  • Write down important chemistry reactions everyday first thing in the morning. Muscle memory is important as well. Even if you feel panicked in the exam, you’ll instinctively know the correct answer.
  • This brings me to my final point. Good instinct and good luck in exam only comes if you’ve practised enough. So practice more and you’ll realise your guesswork will improve as well.

Work Hard in silence, let your Success be your Noise.

The results started coming from May. She got selected in all entrances. Since AIIMS is the temple of Medical Excellence and her dream institute also so she took admission in AIIMS.


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Getting on in years

Don’t use the sharpness of your tongue on the mother who taught you to speak.

Ali IBN Abi Talib

In this post I would like to remind children on importance of parents on their holistic development that they seem to have forgotten, why the number of old homes is increasing and lastly I would like to extend my help to old parents whose children have left them in old homes by giving free counselling to them so that they should live happily together.

My children with their grandparents

Parents are considered as God. They play biggest role in our lives. Whether it’s our mental, physical, social, financial or career development, parents help us at every step of life. When we are young, parents prepare us for the future. Parents live for us. Their happiness depends on us.

A mother keeps a child in her womb for 9 months and tolerates the pain of breaking more than 100 bones. We can’t even imagine her pain. And yet, when the child grows up, they scold her and talk to her in a loud voice. She takes all the responsibility of the house but never complains about it. She sacrifices many things for her children.

With my parents in office

A father works day and night and struggles a lot for the comfort of his children. A father never let his child know the cost of things and gives him/her all the luxury he can. Do you know that nowadays the cost of education has increased a lot? If he wanted to, he could have all the luxuries and comforts for himself, but he would always wants his kids to have the best future they can and does his best to provide for them.

Understand the importance of parents now only because they can’t be with you forever but they will give their everything to you.

With my grandmother( my god)

Old age homes are designed to give shelter and provide a place to live for those who have no one to care for them, but today people are making it a tradition where they leave their parents. They think they will never grow old. Today they are leaving their parents to old age homes, tomorrow their children are going to treat them the same. You reap what you sow.

My son with his grandmother

Parents never leave you when you are young, so never leave them when they are old. I would like to ask my readers a few questions for which I want to know their opinion.

  • When a child is born with some congenital disease or some syndrome do parents leave them to orphanage? They spend all their money in searching for a Doctor who can treat their child. They leave no stone unturned in the treatment of their child. Sometimes they don’t care about their career, then why in old age if their parents suffer from dementia, children prefer leaving them at an old age home?
  • Poor parents don’t leave their children to orphanage in lack of money, they feed them by keeping themselves hungry many a times. But in old age, why children leave their parents to old age home with the excuse that they can’t afford their parents?

Parents never ever want to stay in any old age home even if it has five star facilities. They want to be with their children and grandchildren. We should always be empathetic. Always try to imagine ourselves in their position and act accordingly.

If children are priorities of parents why can’t parents be priority of children?

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For Stress Management: Practice Yoga

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagwad Gita

Everyone can practice yoga, from the young to the old. Only laziness stands in the way.

In this post I would like to discuss about importance of yoga and walking and how it helped me in leading a stress free and healthy life.

Do you wish to live a life where anxiety stays at bay and you are able to smile even through the tough days? All this is very much possible when you say yes to yoga. The best of life is just an effort away when you resolve to work to be your active self, absolutely in shape both physically and mentally. I have learnt all these from my father. He is full of life. He is hale and hearty at the age of 72. He is my role model. He has always maintained himself so well that now also he can eat butter generously.


We reap the physical benefits of regular walking and yoga, we strengthen the heart, burn calories, lower risk of disease, increase circulation and improves stamina. Walking is a weight bearing exercise that helps build bone density. We receive natural dose of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. With integration of yoga pose, we begin to build strength, improve stability and increase flexibility and most importantly you don’t have to go to beauty parlour for facials!

Always in happy mood

Few years back when I started taking my health for granted, my blood pressure, cholesterol, Triglycerides increased and thyroid levels started to look worrisome. I rushed to a doctor who advised me to start medication. I requested the doctor to give me one month time I will make efforts to make all the parameters normal. Initially the doctor refused but then relented. I knew where I was going wrong. I made a time table and started following it rigorously. I used to start my day with 1hr 15 minutes brisk walking followed by 1 hr rest and then 1 hour yoga session. I started taking a balanced diet and cutting down on oil. Within 15 days my blood pressure came down to normal and within one month thyroid level also became normal. We should include vegetables, fruits and sprouts in our diet. After that scare, I’m following the routine and leading a healthy life.

To keep up good health, it is absolutely necessary for one to indulge in physical activities which help in reducing stress, provides a healthier and better outlook and also increases the body’s resistance against complications like heart problems, high Blood Pressure.

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Stress free with my husband
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