Echoes:This Hyderabad Restaurant is Unique

I’m feeling privileged to stay in Hyderabad near this unique Restaurant. I would like to share about this particular Restaurant with everyone. Sahib Sarna, a co-founder, and director of Echoes created a casual diner/bistro brand to generate special needs employment. They wanted to bring them to the forefront in society. Hand of applause for the… Continue reading Echoes:This Hyderabad Restaurant is Unique

Get flat stomach in 7 days challenge

Do crunches and leg raises for three sets of twenty repetitions. Take 20 secs to break after every stage. Do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 sec to 60 secs for four sets. You should do fifty times Sun Salutation.

World’s Costliest Vegetable

It’s unbelievable that a vegetable costs so much that nobody can even imagine. This vegetable’s name is Hop-Shoots, which costs around 1,000 pounds per kilogram. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus, a member of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants. The hops plants have separate female and male plants, and only… Continue reading World’s Costliest Vegetable

A Cup of Coffee Before Workout

As per another study carried out at the University of Illinois, consuming coffee reduces muscular pain after intense exercise. It will help you to work harder for a better result.

Best oil for Heart

Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.” Roy T. Benneton I belong to India’s eastern part, where mustard oil is an integral part of the cuisine. I have grown up eating meals made in mustard oil. My grandmom used to say that mustard oil is perfect for the heart. Now I understand… Continue reading Best oil for Heart