The new cure for high blood pressure

Blood pressure is like trust. It’s silent, vital to good health and if abused, it can be deadly.

Frank K Sonnenberg

High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer. It is a major condition that can lead to heart problems and stroke. Ideally, Blood Pressure should be lower than 120/80.

Reasons responsible for High Blood Pressure

Eating too much salt, being overweight, sedentary lifestyle or even taking certain medications can cause high blood pressure as a side effect.

One in 5 Young adults in India have high blood pressure and one in 3 young adults have high blood pressure in the USA.

Even I have faced blood pressure issues. It all started when I began experiencing severe headaches. Initially, I thought that the headache must be due to acidity, so I took fruit salts like ENO but they didn’t seem to work. I went to a nearby clinic to get a check-up. The doctor took my blood pressure as a routine check and it was 145/90. The doctor prescribed some drugs that would help lower my Blood Pressure. I knew that once I start with the medication, I’ll be dependant on them. I consulted my father, who even at the age of 72 is fine and dandy. He gave me a few methods on how to control high blood pressure which I want to share with you.


Ways to lower blood pressure levels

  • Increase activity and exercise more

Increasing activity also increases our heart and breathing rates. Over time our heart gets stronger and pumps with less effort. 40 minutes moderate to vigorous physical activity sessions 3 to 4 times per week is required. You don’t have to run a marathon. We can increase our activity in the following ways:

  • Using the stairs instead of a lift where possible
  • Walking to nearby places instead of driving
  • Doing household chores
  • Gardening
  • 10000 steps per day is required.
Brisk walking
  • Lose weight

Try to lose weight if you’re overweight. Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates.

  • Eat more potassium and less sodium

Increase your potassium intake and cutting back on salt also lower your blood pressure. Potassium lessens the effect of salt in your system.

Diets rich in potassium may be harmful to the kidney, so talk to your doctor before increasing potassium intake. Foods naturally high in potassium are:

Milk, yoghurt, fish. Fruits like bananas, apricots, avocados and oranges.

  • Eat less or no processed food

These foods have extra salt so avoid eating them. Eat home-cooked food.

  • Stop smoking

Smoking causes an immediate but temporary increase in blood pressure and increase in heart rate. Later on, it causes high blood pressure.

  • Mid day Naps According to cardiologist Dr Manolis Kallistratos from Greece 30 to 50 minutes mid day nap lowers your blood pressure to 5mm hg. Friends do not feel guilty if you sleep for 50 minutes in afternoon.
  • Reduce stress

We are living in a stressful era. Workplace and family demands are now contributing to stress. But we have to find ways to de-stress ourselves which is important for our health and blood pressure. Read a book, watch a comedy show, listen to music or just dance. This will help reduces stress.

  • Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are very helpful in reducing stress. Yoga comprises of breathing control, posture which is very effective in reducing stress and blood pressure.

Camel pose
  • Lastly, take prescription medication

If your blood pressure is very high or doesn’t decrease even on making these lifestyle changes, take prescribed drugs. Drugs have side effects so lifestyle modifications are the cornerstone for treatment of high blood pressure.

So readers, what are you waiting for? Start becoming active from now. If I can lower my blood pressure you can also. We just need to chalk out a plan and follow it meticulously.

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An Introduction

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m Vibha Pandey. I graduated from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University and an Honours Diploma in System Management from NIIT Delhi. After that I joined Dabur India as Systems Analyst. I tied the knot in 1993 and was the mother of two children by 1996. I quit my job to take care of my family.

I’m happily married for the last 26 years. Being the mom of my two wonderful children is my career. My daughter did her MBBS from AIIMS Bhopal and my son did his B.Tech from IIT Delhi. My husband is the Director of Operations in a Renowned Company based out of Hyderabad.

I ensured that all my family members maintained a healthy lifestyle, even though we have had to live away from each other at various stages of our lives. For our children’s education, I had to move to Delhi, away from my husband. After they were admitted into their respective colleges, both my children stayed in hostels. Even though people let go of their health when there is no one around, I ensured that everyone maintained a healthy lifestyle. All of our medical parameters are normal, which might be normal for people in my children’s age group, but is quite a rarity for people in me and my husband’s age group.

In this blog, I will be talking about my strategy in the making of a doctor and an engineer from elite institutes along with maintaining good health.

I’m super passionate about about maintaining good health and specialise in teaching how to achieve this.

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How to control high blood pressure without medication

Normally we are born in this world without any disease. Only 1in every 4,647 babies are born with some defects or disease. Due to our habits we accuire various diseases. Blood pressure is one of them.

Many habits which lead to blood pressure is lack of activity, so many gadgets which keep us in one place for long hours, tendency to take cooked food from hotels instead of cooking ourself and stress. Nowadays children are also suffering from blood pressure. Children prefer to play online games rather than going to playground. So friends time has come to realise our mistake and act accordingly. We might avoid, delay or reduce the need of medication by doing lifestyle changes.

Blood pressure categories

Few lifestyle changes which we should follow are:

  • Loose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood pressure increases as weight increases. So try to shed pounds.
  • Exercise regularly Regular physical activity can lower your blood pressure by 5 to 8mm Hg. It’s important to be consistent if you really want to control your high blood pressure. Its upto you what you choose for your fitness. Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, dancing anything you can include in your daily routine.
  • Eat a healthy diet DASH diet. You should incorporate diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products and skimps on saturated fat and cholesterol can lower your blood pressure by 11mm Hg, Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) is highly recommended by doctors. Friends it’s not easy to change our eating habits but we should try adopt a healthy diet.
Camel pose
Plough pose
Padahastana or hand to foot pose

Eat potassium rich food It helps our body to get rid of sodium and eases pressure on our blood vessels. For details, you can read my blog post here.

  • Reduce sodium in your diet Even small reduction in the sodium in your diet can improve your heart health and reduce your blood pressure by 5 to 6 mm Hg. We should try to limit sodium to 2.3 mg a day. To decrease sodium in your diet, consider these tips. Read food labels. If possible choose low sodium alternatives of the food. Eat fewer or no processed food. Don’t add extra salt.
  • Quit smoking Each cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure. Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of heart disease and improve overall health.
  • Cut back on caffeine
  • Reduce stress Stress contribute to raise blood pressure. Try to analyse what causes stress in you. Few tips to de stress yourself:
  • Change your expectations Try to understand that there are something you can’t change or control so don’t overthink.
  • Focus on issues you can control If you are facing any issues at work place try talking to your boss or any issues with your spouse or kids talk to them to resolve it. Communication gap also creates stress between loved ones. So talk and resolve.
  • Avoid stress triggers Avoid people who cause you stress. Try to manage your time properly to avoid stress.
  • Practice gratitude Expressing gratitude to others can help reducing your stress.
  • Relaxation Spend 1 to 2 hours daily in doing meditation and breathing exercises. You will definitely going to feel good.

Never try self medication. By doing this you are risking your life.

Monitor your blood pressure at home regularly and visit your doctor.

I have managed my blood pressure by following the above mentioned points.

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Fruits that helps maintain your blood pressure

Reducing dietary salt is not only important for those who already have elevated blood pressure – limiting added salt is essential for all of us to remain in good health

Joel Fuhrman

Billions of people in the world are suffering from blood pressure and few years back my blood pressure also get elevated. I would like to share my experiences that how I controlled my blood pressure without medicines. In this blog I will share with you about certain fruits that helped me a lot in regulating my blood pressure. In next blog I will share what activities or exercises helped me overcome the blood pressure because I don’t want you to get bored by reading long blogs.

Consuming fruits that are high in potassium can help to decrease blood pressure. Getting enough potassium is almost as important as decreasing sodium intake for the treatment of high Blood pressure. My main focus was on these 7 fruits which helped me in reducing my blood pressure.

  • Apricots. Rich in potassium with low sodium content which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Avocado It is rich in mineral magnesium in addition to potassium which is important for lowering high blood pressure. Half a medium avocado contains 549mg potassium which is more than the potassium content of banana.
  • Banana An average sized banana contains about 400mg of potassium and only 1mg of sodium. High potassium and low sodium helps in regulating Blood Pressure.
  • Cantaloupe It contains potassium, vitamin C and choline which helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Oranges. This fruit is best known for its high vitamin C content. It has 326mg of potassium with almost no sodium.
  • Grapefruit Bioflavonoids contents found in grapefruit helps in regulating blood pressure.
  • Melons It contains high content of potassium. These are also rich in vitamin A and C.

Please note I’m not medically trained. I have written this blog on the basis of how I treated myself to control my blood pressure by consulting doctors and internet surfing.


Friends hope you will like my blog and try to take these fruits. Please do comment as which fruits you take on daily basis. I always welcome your feedback as it motivates me. Please correct me if I’m wrong somewhere.

Salute to doctors

I gave up my life to learn how to save yours – the story of a doctor’s life.

I wanted to write about a doctor’s life and their struggle, misconceptions about them, the rising violence against doctors and how we should treat them like God. My daughter, being a doctor and facing a lot of these issues on a day to day basis, has motivated me to share my thoughts on this.

My daughter

I have always seen people discussing that XYZ doctor has cheated them. Human mentality is that they don’t want to spend a single penny on their health but they will not mind spending money on branded clothes like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi. People will spend half of their salary on liquor and cigarettes without any regret. They will never mind spending millions on interior designers but very much mind on giving consultancy fees to doctor. Everyone needs to think on this.

If a student wants to become doctor he has to start his preparation at the age of 15. By the time they become a practicing doctor they are 30. While all their are peers enjoying life, a doctor has to engrossed in studying. It takes almost 15 precious years to become good doctor.

My son is an engineer passed out from IIT Delhi. I haven’t seen him working as hard as my daughter who is always studying to become a good doctor. She understands that she has to deal with a human. You can’t undo anything in medicine so you have to be very thorough and up to date with the current medical diagnosis. Being a doctor is never easy. It requires lots of efforts, patience and perseverance, not just to become a doctor, but to stay a practicing doctor as well. After dedicating precious years to medical science a doctor is getting half salary as compared to an IITian. Any engineer while working on a machine first ensures that the machine is turned off before making any changes, whereas a doctor has to operate on a working machine and even the slightest mistakes can cause a tragedy. The stakes are enormous and the pay is meagre. This needs to be rectified.

Reservations should be stopped immediately in medical colleges. In medical stream you can’t compare a student getting 95% and 20%. But sometimes 20% gets into a medical college and someone getting 95% doesn’t. Policy makers go to US or Europe for treatments but normal people may get treated by reservation doctors as unreserved category doctors are already overloaded.

Most cases of doctors being negligent is mainly due to the exhaustion and the heavy workload of being a doctor. They are not provided the facilities that they require, in some cases even the basic amenities are not made available to them, but they are expected to be at their best all the time.

Doctors Role during Pandemic

Doctors are in the frontline of the battle against coronavirus pandemic. Many doctors have lost their lives by treating coronavirus patients and by neglecting their own health. Doctors who are treating corona patients even have to stay away from their loved ones.

Drs getting ready for treating corona patients

Violence against doctors

People in India believe more in quacks for treating ailments but when the case deteriorates they rush to doctors. If some misfortune happens they start harassing doctors verbally or physically. Strict law should be made against assaulters. I request everyone to believe in doctors and to not trust the quacks. Doctors are here to treat you, not to cheat you. Charges of government hospitals are less because they run on government funds whereas private hospitals are costly because all the expenses are born by them only as medical equipments are very expensive.

Hope will like the post. If unknowingly I hurt anyone please excuse me. Correct me wherever I’m wrong. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

My new abode

I’m a full time homemaker. I have dedicated my 24/7 to my husband and children. They are nucleus for me. My whole day schedule includes taking good care of them right from their studies giving them healthy food and motivate them to exercise daily. Normally every ladies do the same things for her family. I also love decorating my house.

Life takes you to unexpected places

I have never expected that I will move to Hyderabad. My husband got job in Hyderabad so we moved to Hyderabad. I belong to Delhi so initially I was not happy with the relocation but gradually I stated liking Hyderabad. For 1 year We stayed in rented house then we decided to purchase our own house.

Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling

I have put all my feelings in designing interior of my house. I worked hard to put all my feelings in executable format. I hired an interior decorator who can help me to make my dream home reality. Due to Covid my husband was working from home so he also supported me when I was struggling with the ideas of interior. I’m sharing few pics

Entrance of my home sweet home

Wardrobes upto ceiling height from Raumplus
Vertical garden in my balcony
Breakfast counter
Long wall complementing family pics
My daughter’s room
Wooden rafter in drawing room
Drawing room video

I have turned the pandemic situation to opportunity by designing my house. If I can do interior of my house anyone can do interior of her house.

Please give feedback about my interior ideas. You can mail me at cs.vibha@gmail.com if you need any help regarding interiors, parenting, weight loss, maintaining health without medicine.

How to boost your immune system

Stay at home stay safe

Friends, I would like to discuss with you how I boosted my immune system. I was very lazy person earlier and was prone to get infected by common cold very easily even if a person sneezes from 6 ft also. Every month I used to suffer from cough and cold. My lifestyle war sedentary and my diet was also not healthy. Thanks to google which helped me in boosting my immune system. As google has solution to every problem.


I start my day with breathing exercise followed by yoga to boost my immune system. Dear friends you can also give it a try.

Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise also strengthens our lungs which in turn helps to fight against the novel Coronavirus. If our lungs are healthy even if we get infected by covid19 the impact of disease is not going to be severe.

Regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight, and protects against a variety of diseases. Just like a healthy diet, exercise can contibute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job effectively.

Tree pose challenge
Thirsty yogi challenge

I’m giving challenge to my readers to try the two yoga poses and post your videos in the comments section.

Healthy diet

I’m vegetarian. I used to have fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet. Try to have seasonal fruits and vegetables. We should avoid animal products.

I’m maintaining my health by doing regular exercise and doing all housework by myself in lockdown. As almost whole world is affected by pandemic of corona virus we are locked inside our home to stay safe. We Indians are also learning from Americans to do all household work by ourselves.

Basically your active lifestyle followed by exercise and healthy diet builds your immune system strong and young forever.

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