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I belong to India’s eastern part, where mustard oil is an integral part of the cuisine. I have grown up eating meals made in mustard oil. My grandmom used to say that mustard oil is perfect for the heart. Now I understand that this may be the reason for the healthy heart of my parents. They are 70plus maintaining good health with ideal medical parameters.

Is mustard oil best for heart? The answers is big Yes. Read the full blog to know how?

Mustard Plant

I’m pleased about recent research on mustard oil: the alpha-linolenic acid found in mustard oil reduces the adhesion-aggregation tendency of blood platelets, which decreases the risk of a heart attack. This oil contains 60 percent monosaturated fatty acids(MUFA), 21 percent polysaturated fats(PUFA) and 12 percent saturated fats.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard oil consists of six percent of omega3 fatty acids(N-3) and 15 percent of the omega omega-6(N-6)–the two essential fatty acids–in the ideal ratio of 1:2, which is a massive benefit for the heart because it balances cholesterol levels. In turn, it reduces triglycerides levels and helps in keeping a heart-healthy.

Free from Trans Fat Trans fat is a killer fat, according to Dr. Aggarwal, because it increases unhealthy LDL and lowers healthy HDL. This imbalance can increase your risk of high blood pressure, hardening of arteries leading to heart attack and stroke. Mustard oil is a healthy option because it contains no trans fat, doesn’t turn rancid, and doesn’t lead to the production of harmful free radicals.

According to a recent Journal of Preventive Cardiology, mustard oil as a cooking medium reduced the chances of coronary artery disease(CAD) by nearly 70 percent.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil may be more beneficial than olive oil because Olive oil, which is much-hyped and five times costlier, does not have an ideal ratio of omega-6 (N-6) and omega-3(N-3) fatty acids useful in reducing heart complications.

Kacchi Ghani mustard oil

Mustard oil has a ratio of 1.2, which is closest to the one recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 1.25.

Olive oil is not the right choice for deep-frying as it has a low smoke point.

Nutrition Facts of Mustard Oil Serving size 1cup

Nutritional Values Amount

Calories 1927

Total Fat 218g

Saturated Fat 25.2g

Monosaturated Fat 129g

Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 12862mg

Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 33424mg

Always take the Dr.’s advice about the right quantity of the oil. Mustard oil is good for the heart, doesn’t mean that you can use it lavishly during meal preparation. 1 tsp oil in one day is good for the heart.

“Covid-19 is a fatty virus and mustard oil is anti obesity oil.“said Dr.Aggarwal in a webinar.

Side Effects

It has high level of erucic acid which have harmful effect on animals if consumed in high quantities, but in human no side effect has been noted.

I hope you will like this blog. If anyone of you has any doubt, please feel free to ask me. Give feedback to motivate me and correct me wherever I’m wrong.

How many of you use mustard oil in meal preparation?

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