Best Exercise which makes you fall asleep quickly and deeply

Humans are essentially the only mammals that willingly deprive themselves of sleep. When you lack high-quality sleep, it will boost your risk of depression, become overweight, type two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, memory, and concentration problem, and even you look older.

Most people suggest few yoga exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation before sleeping. Do you think of what will happen when you follow the tips mentioned above? I also try all these; thus, I feel refreshed and unable to sleep for the next 2 hours.

It is always advisable to lead an active lifestyle throughout the day consisting of walking, yoga, swimming, aerobics, and jogging, etc.

Now, I’m going to suggest an easy thing you should try half an hour before sleeping. Try to sleep in comfortable clothes. Switch off the TV set if you have it in your bedroom.

Hold a laptop or iPad and play any game over it. I play Spider Solitaire on it. Surprisingly, within 20 minutes, I fall asleep. Try this method if you want to sleep quickly and deeply. It is tried and tested by me, so it is a hundred percent correct and highly effective.

Spider Solitaire

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