The secret to a Long, Healthy and Disease Free Life

Your body is your temple, keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

B K S Iyengar

Do you want to Live,long,healthy and disease free life? Answer is yes. Have you ever thought as what are you doing for leading healthy life forever. Most of them has no answer to this. Never mind I will share few tips with you so that you can change your thinking towards body in making it disease free.

My grandfather who was born in 1904 is still alive with no chronic disease doing his daily routine perfectly by himself. My father who is in mid seventies is also following his footsteps. I’m also in the same line.

Interview of my grandfather taken in 2018 June. Please click the link

Fit and fine my grandfather at the age 116

Nobody wants to spend the final years of their life popping up pharmaceutical drugs or stuck in beds. We can’t control aging but we can prepare ourselves to aging in a better way.

If you don’t want hospitals, drugs,pain or things like dementia then readers start taking care of your body from today as we all know that rates of chronic diseases are skyrocketing. Nowadays many people are dealing with a laundry list of chronic health issues like diabetes,obesity,cancer,heart diseases and yes dementia.

Please visit my other blog posts regarding maintaining health and fitness. You can try to improve your health at any age. Don’t try to make excuses as excuses don’t burn calories. What are you thinking? start from today only.

I remember one line from a famous hindi song “jawani neend bhar soya budapa dekh kar roya. We should prepare ourselves from young age only.

Tips from my grandfather which is extremely beneficial:

  • Exercise regularly It is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. It boosts your energy levels and mood. It should be in any form Yoga, gym, swimming, dancing. It also warm up our body and develops immunity. Few years back I was prone to infection like common cold. When I started exercising I’m doing well with no more infections attacking me.
  • Sleep Well Sleep often suffers in this competitive world but 8 hrs of sleep is must if we want to lead a stress free life.
  • Avoid Stress Simplify your life as much as possible. Be organised and avoid procrastination. Meditation, yoga, eating healthy can work wonders for stress.
  • Take care of your personal life Try to be close to your family and friends. Develop hobbies. Set new goals and try to achieve them. Having a sense of purpose is incredibly important.
  • Don’t smoke, drink or do drugs If you indulge yourself in any of mentioned addiction then diet and exercise won’t help. If you can’t stop yourself then take professional help.
  • Try to be more active throughout the day Be active avoid using car for shorter distances, avoid watching TV, spend less time on internet.
  • Eat healthy Avoid sugar. My grandfather used to take jaggery which is good for health. We should also try to replace sugar with jaggery. Trans fats, industrial oil and processed food should be avoided. Skipping meals from time to time( intermittent fasting) and eating a bit less also increase longevity. If you have acidity then you should not skip meals. Vitamin D is very important for our health so try to be in sun for at least half an hour in sun in the morning other you have to take its supplement. Omega 3 fatty acid is also important. Magnesium and Vitamin K2 should also be important.
  • Try to avoid taking medicines Every drug has side effects. My mother and mother in law are taking blood pressure medication since long. Now they are suffering from hear loss. They could have avoided it by changing their lifestyles. They found it easier to take drugs. My father who is very active, is leading disease free life. He has won the local election also.
My father won election at 72
Exercising in gym
Challenging Tree pose

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