How I controlled my thyroid level without medication

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is a disease.

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Note: This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This post doesn’t advice stopping your medications, it just advises lifestyle changes.

Weight gain in thyroid

In this post I would like to discuss the reasons which triggered my thyroid and how I controlled the level of thyroid(hypothyroidism) to normal without medication.

2% of world wide population is suffering from thyroid, of which female percentage is more. So friends if I can control my thyroid level you can also. So read carefully my full post.

Good thyroid health

Four- five years back my family doctor advised me to undergo routine blood test because I had started putting on weight. When report came my TSH level was high. Doctor advised me to start medication. I know that you have to take thyroid medicine for life if diagnosed with thyroid disease. So I requested Dr to give me only a month’s time. In this one month I will try my level best to reduce my TSH level. Initially Dr was skeptical as patients usually don’t follow through with lifestyle changes in long term. However, he agreed to give it a shot.


Steps taken by me to control thyroid level:

Managing Stress I’m in habit of taking stress on minor things and most people are like me only. So readers I stopped overthinking and started utilising my time in any activity which I enjoy. I started after walking post-dinner, watching movies, talking to my school friends which relaxed me. You can also choose the activities you like most to relieve stress.

Eating healthy food I changed my diet and started eating healthy food as food provides body with the energy it needs to function well. Since common symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain to I started following a diet that’s low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This made me feel better and helped me a check on my weight. Friends, a diet rich in oil and salt might feel tastier, but you’ll realise that if you reduce their amount while cooking, it will help you lose weight. Now I find food rich in oil and salt nauseating! Younger ones, try to cut down the junk food and you will instantly feel better. Your skin will clear up and your mood will improve as well.

Proper sleep I started taking proper 7 to 8 hours sleeping. Stopped watching late night television. I started following a strict sleep schedule.

Socialise yourself Whenever I feel low I used to meet positive people of my life. Spending time with people you love or people who love you is important. This can lift your mood.

Make exercise a priority It is said that one should exercise for at least 30 minutes each day with the intensity which leaves you breathless and your heart beat accelerating. I started working out on a regular basis to get rid of excess fat that had accumulated due to my lax attitude. Sweating is very important as it releases impurities from body. Excercise also releases natural hormones called Endorphins that lift up mood. Aerobic exercise can also strengthen our heart and lungs. Yoga is best to control thyroid. I do yoga for 1 hour five day a week. Brisk walking for one hour 4 days in a week. I avoid vehicle for short distance instead prefer walking. Whenever my domestic help was unavailable I used to do my daily chores by myself. So guys try to be more active.

Due to competition in studies younger generation is hit badly by thyroid which is matter of concern. You should immediately join any yoga class. By doing yoga you immediately get de stressed . I would recommend Bharat Thakur power yoga classes if you are in Delhi, Bangalore and cult fit in Hyderabad. You can check out its branches in other cities of India. What are you waiting for? Join any yoga class today.

Few yoga poses which reverse hypothyroidism are

  • Inverted pose
Inverted pose or sarvang asana
  • Bridge pose
Bridge pose or Setu band asana
  • Fish pose
Fish pose
  • Plough pose
Plough pose or halasana
  • Bow pose
Bow pose or dhanurasana
  • Cobra pose
Cobra pose or bhujangasana

If you regularly practice these yoga poses for one month you can reverse your hypothyroidism. I got the normal reading of thyroid for practising these poses for 1 hr daily.

These tips will also help for those who are currently on medication. Regular following of these tips will result in better control of their diagnosis and will result in reduction of their current medication.


I still follow each of these tips and my levels are under control. It is important to remember that these tips are to be followed always. You shouldn’t stop or become lazy after initial results. Also give blood test periodically to check the level of thyroid.

Disciplined and focused approach lifestyle changes can help you control and even revert your hormone levels to pre-disease levels. So what are you waiting for? Kickstart you day.

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