Old age home is a curse

Don’t use the sharpness of your tongue on the mother who taught you to speak.

Ali IBN Abi Talib

In this post I would like to remind children on importance of parents on their holistic development that they seem to have forgotten, why the number of old homes is increasing and lastly I would like to extend my help to old parents whose children have left them in old homes by giving free counselling to them so that they should live happily together.

My children with their grandparents

Parents are considered as God. They play biggest role in our lives. Whether it’s our mental, physical, social, financial or career development, parents help us at every step of life. When we are young, parents prepare us for the future. Parents live for us. Their happiness depends on us.

A mother keeps a child in her womb for 9 months and tolerates the pain of breaking more than 100 bones. We can’t even imagine her pain. And yet, when the child grows up, they scold her and talk to her in a loud voice. She takes all the responsibility of the house but never complains about it. She sacrifices many things for her children.

With my parents in office

A father works day and night and struggles a lot for the comfort of his children. A father never let his child know the cost of things and gives him/her all the luxury he can. Do you know that nowadays the cost of education has increased a lot? If he wanted to, he could have all the luxuries and comforts for himself, but he would always wants his kids to have the best future they can and does his best to provide for them.

Understand the importance of parents now only because they can’t be with you forever but they will give their everything to you.

With my grandmother( my god)

Old age homes are designed to give shelter and provide a place to live for those who have no one to care for them, but today people are making it a tradition where they leave their parents. They think they will never grow old. Today they are leaving their parents to old age homes, tomorrow their children are going to treat them the same. You reap what you sow.

My son with his grandmother

Parents never leave you when you are young, so never leave them when they are old. I would like to ask my readers a few questions for which I want to know their opinion.

  • When a child is born with some congenital disease or some syndrome do parents leave them to orphanage? They spend all their money in searching for a Doctor who can treat their child. They leave no stone unturned in the treatment of their child. Sometimes they don’t care about their career, then why in old age if their parents suffer from dementia, children prefer leaving them at an old age home?
  • Poor parents don’t leave their children to orphanage in lack of money, they feed them by keeping themselves hungry many a times. But in old age, why children leave their parents to old age home with the excuse that they can’t afford their parents?

Parents never ever want to stay in any old age home even if it has five star facilities. They want to be with their children and grandchildren. We should always be empathetic. Always try to imagine ourselves in their position and act accordingly.

If children are priorities of parents why can’t parents be priority of children?

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By csvibha

I’m a homemaker


  1. So those children don’t have that attachment with their parents. Also this whole image of parents being god doesn’t hold true for every parent.

    1. True exception are always there. I left job of system analyst for my children. Now My daughter did MBBS from AIIMS and Son BTech from IIT Delhi

  2. There might be some lucky few who are blessed not we cannot generalize it. Parents in today’s world focus on their own comforts first.

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